BAI Evolution UAV Achieves 90+ Minute Flight; Company Announces XT Variant

November 9, 2004

EASTON, MD A team from BAI Aerosystems, Inc. has successfully extended the endurance of its highly touted Evolution UAV. The company’s smallest electrically powered unmanned aircraft flew a 90+ minute mission on October 26, 2004, enabled by the incorporation of select aerodynamic and propulsion enhancements developed at BAI.

“These enhancements will soon be available to upgrade existing units already fielded as well as in BAI’s newest product offering, the Evolution XT (for Extended Time), which is now fully production tooled” said BAI President Dick Bernstein. The company will begin accepting orders for the new Evolution XT UAV configuration immediately.

“Development is ongoing and further improvements to the system are coming” Bernstein went on to say. “We have several exciting system enhancements in the works, and their release is imminent… BAI is serious about “evolving” all of our UAV systems to adopt new technologies, and get them to the field in real-time.”

Even with the enhancements, the Evolution system remains a highly-portable and very cost effective means of performing “over the next hill” surveillance and reconnaissance. Other system elements, including payloads, ground control stations, and remote video terminals, require no changes to utilize the benefits of the new XT air vehicle variant.

BAI Evolution systems are currently deployed with U.S. forces in support of real-world operations. Bernstein also said “Evolution systems already in the field can be readily retrofitted to the new XT version by factory technicians who are already closely located to our customer’s operational units.”

BAI Aerosystems, Inc. is a 20-year old small business located in Easton, MD. The company manufactures small UAV systems, including a range of different aircraft, flight control systems, payloads, and support equipment. BAI products are in use on a daily basis by a growing number of commercial and defense customers, worldwide.