1982-02-26   RPV Shows Good Potential, Faces Lengthy Development - See document  [PDF]

1986-01-04   Aquila RPV: Recent Developments and Alternatives - See document  [PDF]

1987-10-26   Aquila RPV: Potential Battlefield Contribution Still in Doubt - See document  [PDF]

1988-06-27   DoD Joint UAV Program Master Plan - See document  [PDF]
1988-12-09   Assessment of DoD's UAV Master Plan - See document  [PDF]

1989-11-02   Continental RPVs  [PDF]

1990-04-16   Exdrone Remotely Piloted Vehicle Configuration
1990-05-31   Brandebury Aerostructures  [PDF]
1990-09-28   Acquisition Strategy for the Short-Range UAV - See document  [PDF]

1991-03-01   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Master Plan - See document  [PDF]
1991-03-25   Medium Range System Components Do Not Fit - See document  [PDF]

1992-09-04   Testing Needed Before Production of Short Range System - See document  [PDF]

1993-03-31   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Master Plan - See document  [PDF]
1993-05-27   Acquisition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - See document  [PDF]
1993-08-27   Tactics, Techniques, Procedures for UAVs - See document  [PDF]
1993-11-xx   Low-Cost Unmanned Air Vehicle for Oceanographic Research  [PDF]
1993-12-15   Performance of Short Range System Still in Question - See document  [PDF]

1994-05-31   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Master Plan - See document  [PDF]

1995-03-01   No More Hunter Systems Should Be Bought - See document  [PDF]
1995-08-xx   UAV Annual Report - See document
1995-09-05   Moving Map Support for the BQM-147A Exdrone  [PDF]
1995-09-15   Maneuver System Schedule Includes Unnecessary Risk - See document  [PDF]
1995-11-22   Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components/Exdrone UAV Systems
1995-12-01   Hunter System Is Not Appropriate for Navy Fleet Use - See document  [PDF]

1996-05-23   Advanced Unmanned Vehicle Systems
1996-08-xx   A Research Paper - See document  [PDF]
1996-10-15   Exdrones could provide aerial non-lethal support
1996-11-06   UAV Annual Report - See document  More  [PDF]
1996-11-29   Vibration Environment of the Exdrone  [PDF]

1997-xx-xx   The Global Hawk UAV Acquisition Process - See document  [PDF]
1997-04-09   DoD's Acquisition Efforts - See document  [PDF]  More
1997-07-31   Conversion of Exdrone UAVs to Dragon Drone Configuration
1997-09-23   Outrider Will Be Inadequate to Justify Further Production - See document  [PDF]
1997-08-07   Micro Air Vehicles - Toward a New Dimension in Flight
1997-10-27   UAV Annual Report - See document  More  [PDF]
1997-11-27   UAV Tactical Control System Mission Planner - See document

1998-01-10   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1998-02-xx   AV Pointer
1998-02-10   New UAV tested aboard MCAGCC to be part of ground-breaking deployment
1998-07-10   Exdrone UAV's converted to Dragon Drones

1999-02-20   US Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Close Range Requirement
1999-03-06   Low light cameras to be used with the Dragon Drone unmanned aerial vehicle
1999-05-27   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1999-08-04   Dragon Drone UAV System  [PDF]
1999-11-15   Micro Air Vehicle

2000-06-06   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  [PDF]
2000-10-xx   Partners in Freedom - BAI Exdrone BQM-147A

2001-07-06   Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  More
2001-04-xx   Pointer FQM-151A  [PDF]
2001-04-13   Tiny Spy Planes
2001-04-xx   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Roadmap  [PDF]
2001-07-02   Small Drone Sought Out Vieques Protestors
2001-10-31   Background Briefing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  More  [PDF]
2001-12-06   FQM-151A Pointer UAV Delivered to French Armee de Terre

2002-01-xx   Parasail Launch and Recovery for Fixed Wing UAVs  [PDF]
2002-02-27   UAV Drones Eye War-Zones
2002-07-08   War on Terrorism Boosts Deployment of Mini-UAVs
2002-12-xx   Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Roadmap  [PDF]

2003-02-xx   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Reliability Study  [PDF]
2003-02-12   MicroPilot Partners with BAI Aerosystems  More  [PDF]  More
2003-02-12   Bird-size spy planes see, hear, even smell enemy
2003-03-28   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Roadmap Report
2003-04-08   Silver Fox Deployed to Aid Marine Corps
2003-07-11   Special Ops Using 'Pointer' UAV for Vital Recon, Force Protection
2003-10-03   Evolution Back-Packable Electric UAV System  [PDF]
2003-10-03   Tern Small Tactical UAV System  [PDF]

2004-03-26   Israel Defense Forces unveil new miniature surveillance planes
2004-05-xx   Raven takes off  [PDF]
2004-07-06   Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  [PDF]
2004-11-xx   Airspace Integration Plan for Unmanned Aviation  [PDF]
2004-12-01   The Pathfinder Raven Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  [PDF]

2005-01-17   BAI Aerosystems Acquired by L-3 Communications
2005-07-13   Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap  [PDF]
2005-08-04   Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap  [PDF]
2005-12-15   Evolution-XT Back-Packable Electric UAV System  [PDF]
2005-12-15   Evolution-XTS Rucksack Portable Electric SUAV System  [PDF]
2005-12-15   Tern Pusher UAV System  [PDF]
2005-12-15   Javelin UAV System  [PDF]

2006-03-29   Unmanned Aircraft Systems Planning Task Force
2006-04-21   Viking 100 Air Vehicle  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
2006-07-26   Unmanned Combat Air Systems  [PDFs]
2006-11-xx   Mini, Micro and Swarming Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  [PDF]

2007-04-23   L-3 Communications Announces Two Acquistions  [PDF]
2007-07-11   Unmanned Systems Roadmap  [PDF]
2007-10-10   Unmanned Systems Roadmap  [PDF]

2009-07-23   Unmanned aircraft take on increased importance  More  More  [PDF]

2010-07-22   TigerShark Unmanned Aircraft System  [PDF]
2010-09-10   Cutlass Tube-Launched Small UAS  [PDF]

2011-03-xx   Unmanned Aircraft System Airspace Integration Plan  [PDF]

Video and Imagery

Camera onboard a Helicampro HCP-03 UAV helicopter. Read more . . .